How To Find Profitable Products To Sell On Walmart

Learn what is performing well

Walmart provides sellers on their platform with a couple of tools that will allow you to see how well a product sells.

We’ll start with Walmart Best Seller Ranking, this tool is only accessible to sellers and it provides you with a dashboard. From here you will be able to input the category of the product and it shows how many sellers are on the listing, the number of reviews, and the sales rank.

Once you find a couple of products you can use Firecape’s listing feature to list your first product.

Top sellers

Walmart has a “Top Selling” items list where you can simply see the products that are currently trending. Use this information to get an idea of what to list or to simply predict Walmart’s next top seller by exploring similar products or even complementary products.

Calculate profit margins

Walmart has strict pricing rules and it is important you follow them or you risk issues with your seller account, once you find a product that you can sell consider the selling price and your sourcing price.

Once you start to receive orders through Firecape it will tell you your profit per order so you will never be left wondering if you are making money on the items that you are selling.


Walmart provides some free tools for sellers that will allow you to see what’s currently trending and it could give you further insights into future trending products and complementary products.

Once you find profitable products to sell you can use Firecape’s listing tool and simply input the source URL and Firecape will automatically list the product and your incoming orders will all be on your dashboard.

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