Understanding Your Walmart Seller Metrics

For further insight on how your Walmart business is going, you should always be paying close attention to your metrics. Below we will go over what reporting Walmart provides sellers and what they mean.

Seller performance

Walmart provides sellers with three main metrics:

  • 90 Day Order Defect Rate
  • On Time Shipment Rate
  • Valid Tracking Rate

You want to keep your 90 Day Order Defect Rate under 2% of all total orders

Order Defect Rate (ODR)

You want to keep your (ODR) rate under 2% and the following factors below count towards it.

Cancellation defects – Orders that sellers cancel instead of fulfilling them.

Return defects – Products that have been returned to the seller due to problems with the product.

Delivery defects- Products delivered after the expected delivery date.

Customer complaints- When a customer contacts Walmart stating their dissatisfaction.

Using Firecape, every order will come through our dashboard where it will tell you important details like when did your customer place the order and what is the latest it needs to ship by.

On Time Shipment Rate

Walmart wants its sellers to keep their On Time Shipment Rate over 99%.

Customers expect their products to be delivered on time, and if Walmart is to compete with Amazon’s logistics, they need their sellers to maintain an on time shipment rate.

Vaild Tracking Rate

This simply means that Walmart expects a tracking number provided by the seller for every order your customer places. Walmart expects their selles to keep this metric over 99% as well.

Using Firecape you will be able to generate TBA tracking numbers on demand to ensure your Valid Tracking Rate is always over 99%.

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