How To Get Approved To Sell On Walmart

Walmart tends to be very selective with who they allow to sell on their platform, below we will go over some of the most important things Walmart looks for in a potential new seller.

Company documents

Walmart requires several documents so it’s important to gather these before you apply.

  • Form W9
  • U.S. Business address
  • EIN number
  • DUNS number

Once you have all of these documents it is important to first look through them all and make sure they don’t have any typos and the information is consistent across all documentation.

Then, it’s time to submit your application to Walmart.

Please note that at this time, Walmart is denying roughly 90% of all applications. Once denied, there is no way to appeal this process. (See conclusion for the link to apply directly with Walmart)

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Walmart is very selective with who they allow to sell on their platform and the process is usually a couple of weeks, if you can approach this process right the first time then you will save the headaches of Walmart requesting more documents and potentially delaying your opportunity to start selling immediately.

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Want to apply directly with Walmart instead? Go here.