How to Start Dropshipping On

Interested in tapping into a new hot market? While most sellers start off on Amazon, Walmart is rapidly expanding its online marketplace. Below we will go over in detail how to get started.

Find Products

What is the Buy Box and how do I win it?

Buy Box was created in order to provide customers with the best possible deal on the product they want to buy. Listings usually have multiple sellers and Walmart will only reward one seller the Buy Box at a time. Walmart takes into account your pricing, in-stock rate, free or low-cost shipping.

Walmart provides sellers with a report that shows which of their items have won the Buy Box, from here you can filter for items that do not have the buy box and diagnose why that is.

Seller Scorecard

Your Seller Scorecard provides you with your Order Defect Rate (ODR), you want to keep your rate under 2%, the following factors below count towards it.

Cancellation defects – Orders that sellers cancel instead of fulfilling them.

Return defects – Products that have been returned to the seller due to problems with the product.

Delivery defects- Products delivered after the expected delivery date.

Customer complaints- When a customer contacts Walmart stating their dissatisfaction.

Use an automated repricer

Once you begin adding multiple products to list, you want to begin using an automated repricer to maximize your profits and sales across all listings.

Firecape comes with plug and play templates and allows you to set up your own repricing rules so you can always be ontop of all your pricing.


Walmart is a rapidly growing marketplace with not as many sellers as its competitors. Find porducts using the tools Walmart already provides you and calculate your profit margins per product.

Once you have a product listed through Firecape use our integrated repricer so you can maximize your Buy Box percentage and profits.