How To Win The Buy Box More Frequently

What is the Buy Box and how do I win it?

Walmart and its competitors created something called the Buy Box in order to give the customer the best possible deal on that product. The Buy Box is a section on the right side of the page where the customer purchases that product. On a product listing, there could be a number of sellers selling the same product but when a customer lands on that product to purchase it, only one seller will win the Buy Box.

Why should you win the Buy Box?

Once a customer lands on the product you are trying to sell, they naturally choose the default option and add it to cart. Approximately 82% of sales go to the buy box.

You can get more sales by strategically putting yourself in a position to win the Buy Box most of the time while maintaining a competitive price.Walmart provides sellers with a report that shows which of their items have won the Buy Box, from here you can filter for items that do not have the buy box and diagnose the issue.


Using Firecape, you will be able to use our built in repricer to stay competitive in all your listings and win the Buy Box. Our repricer will allow you to stop having to constantly check if your listing is still competitive and manually repricing all of your listings.

You will be able to set your min margin, max-margin and decide if you want to compete with the Buy Box or the lowest asking price.


Walmart takes a number of different factors when deciding who they should reward the buy box to. Depending on how competitive the listing is, the Buy Box will usually rotate amongst sellers.

Using Firecape you will be able to use our built in repricer which is one of the most important factors when deciding who wins the Buy Box. You will be able to optimize your profit margins, use our pricing templates and you will be well on your way to winning the Buy Box and start generating more sales.

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