What are TBA and Doordash tracking numbers and how do they affect your Walmart dropshipping business

Walmart is using alternative shipping sources that make it difficult for dropshippers to track their orders.


Why TBA and Doordash affect dropshippers

If you have been dropshipping on Walmart then you know they have been testing different delivery services in the hopes to get the product delivered to the customer as quickly as they can.

These fulfillment methods mean your customer gets the product quicker but leads to valid tracking issues. Walmart does not accept TBA as valid tracking information. Doordash does not provide any tracking numbers, causing Walmart sellers to see a drop in their Valid Tracking Rate.

In both cases, you will not be able to simply input a random tracking number in the hope that you won’t receive a complaint or a risk to your seller metrics. So how can you avoid a drop in your seller metrics while also keeping your customers happy?


The solution for TBA and Doordash deliveries

So what can you do to keep everything in good standing? You cannot simply grab any tracking number as mentioned above.

Firecape provides a simple solution to all of your tracking needs, with each order that comes through your dashboard you can swap your TBA for a valid tracking number that matches the city and state of your order.

Get started for free today so you can avoid a hit to your seller metrics and unhappy customers.


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